Galaxy Shooter — Phase I: Framework — Completed

Day 39 — Aspiring Game Creator

2D Game Dev: Galaxy Shooter

Objective: Review Phase I: Framework

Over the past week, the following features were added to Galaxy Shooter:

  • Thrusters: allow the player to move at an increased speed when HOLDING LEFT-SHIFT.
  • Normally the ship’s thrusters are animated, with a random flicker to the local scale.
  • Added additional Afterburner FX.
  • Thrusters HUD: Created a cool down system & HUD UI for the main thruster — Afterburner.
  • Shield Power-Up: Visually changed the look of The Shield power-up, allowing for 3 protective hits.
  • While The Shield is active any laser, enemy or power-up/pick-up coming in contact is zapped & fried. Enemies & their lasers reduce the The Shield power. The Shield can be powered down by pressing the ‘X’ key, sacrificing defense for another timely power-up or pick-up.
  • Ammo Count: Created an ammo count system for the laser cannons, allowing for 15 shots.
  • The player begins with 15 rounds of energy for the laser cannons. The HUD UI reduces with each shot of the laser cannon. When the energy is depleted an ‘empty’ clip gun noise reminds the player that the energy is gone.
  • Ammo Collectable: Created a pick-up which re-fills the laser cannon ammo (energy).
  • Currently there are three ammo pick-ups. +5, +10 & Max refill.
  • Health Collectable: A Health (ARMOR) pick-up which restores +1 back to player, if damaged. If the player is not damaged, there is a BONUS mini shield which spawns after 3 armor pick-ups.
  • If there is damage to be repaired, Repair Bots are deployed and buzz around the thruster, repairing it. The Lives UI is updated.
  • Secondary Fire/Power-Up: An enemy seeking freeze torpedo was created. Once armed, the torpedo will seek out the nearest enemy, explode on impact, destroying the enemy and encasing ALL REMAINING ENEMIES in a paralyzing ice for 6 seconds before thawing.
  • The player can RAM the frozen enemies, destroying them without damage to the ship.
  • Camera Shake FX: when damaged by either laser, enemy ship or asteroid collision the camera shake FX will give the sense of a minor, major or devastating impact!